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While considering the golden opportunity to study MBBS in USA and pursuing one’s dreams, how can one forget the American University of Barbados? Undoubtedly never because this university has successfully contended its place on the list of best medical institutions of USA. Located on the scenic islands of Barbados, this university provides top class medical education to its students through great service and teaching atmosphere.

If you are an Indian student willing to study MBBS, you would already have an idea of how difficult it is to get enrolled in an Indian Government Medical College. It is a nearly “next-to-impossible” dream for aspiring students despite having a lot of calibers, capability, talent and what not. Although private colleges can offer better amenities than government ones, it is not everyone’s cup of tea because of extremely high educational fees.

It is rather a better choice to study MBBS in USA and get a more universally recognized degree along with better facilities and more proficient faculty. Students who aim to study MBBS in India are up against hundreds of impediments, including manifold rounds of entrance exams, reserved quotas of seats in government colleges, huge sums of donation fees, strong competition, and often, a high price tag.

Why the American University of Barbados is recommended for Indian students?


The American University of Barbados is a great choice to study MBBS in USA. Here are the main reasons,

why you should consider American University of Barbados

    • Comfortable Atmosphere: Your living conditions make a huge impact on the quality of your life, your ability to perform, your concentration, a propensity of taking wise decisions and tendency of managing things. This university is not only located on a beautiful and safe Caribbean island but also has all the comforts of the city along with a very friendly ambiance.
    • Choicest Faculty: The exceptional faculties of this university is not only experienced but also have the prominent qualifications.
    • MCI Approved: AUB is recognized by The Medical Council of India which is why Indian students can be assured of getting provisional /permanent registration by any medical council of the country after they complete their degree.
    • Magnificent Recognition: The American University of Barbados is under the Government of Barbados, is approved by the Medical Council of Canada and is maintained by the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) and the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME).
    • USMLE Focused Teaching: The USMLE helps a student to encourage in self-learning rather than just being a bookworm.  It also helps them avail better academics and research facilities.
    • USA Approved and Integrated Curriculum: Due to an innovative and integrated program of study, AUB enhances the learning process, facilitates critical thinking skills, breaks down learning obstructions and accelerates student focus.
    • Availability of the Finest Facilities: In addition to providing world-class education, AUB ensures complete satisfaction for its students by giving them access to high facilities, good quality medical equipment, techniques and living conditions.
    • Diverse Community: Having a group of students coming across the world, students get to experience a multicultural atmosphere.
    • Scholarships and Financial Aids: This University offers a generous amount of financial aid and scholarships to the students based upon their merit and academics. All potential students are eligible to apply for the scholarship which is another huge favor.
    • Easy Admission Process: The admission process at AUB is free from a donation, completely online, very simplified and ensures complete transparency with the students.
    • Low-Cost Educational Fees: The best thing about AUB is that they provide world-class education at a very low, reasonable and affordable cost.
    • Installation of a Feeling of Professionalism: The students at AUB are taught in such a way that they automatically attain a sense of professionalism, responsibility, and discipline at the end of their degree program.


The American University of Barbados aims for doctors with great competence and hence makes them emotionally and culturally sensitive, highly professional and responsible citizens along with giving them a good clinical knowledge. If you study at AUB, you will not only pass out to be an excellent doctor but will also meet high levels of academic and personal achievement.

We are your truest friend and would always recommend what is best for you. If you are planning to study in USA, The American University of Barbados is just the right choice for you. Feel free to contact us for all your queries and we’d be happy to help.

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