Don’t Choose to Study MBBS in Georgia in Private Medical Colleges

Georgia is a very famous study location for studying medicine. A large number of the international students of Georgian medical colleges are actually from India. It is certainly a better study destination than India because of its fee structure, high infrastructure and quality of education. Indian students are now clearly focusing on study MBBS in Georgia without wasting time on preparing for MBBS in India. MBBS in Georgia can be done at a very budget friendly cost. However, while selecting an MCI approved college in Georgia, you should never go for private medical colleges.

What is the best part for parents who send their children to study MBBS in Georgia?

Sending their child to a far-off land is never an easy decision for parents. They are always concerned about the safety of their child in addition to dreaming of his/her successful career. The safety issue is a big concern which often resists parents to send their child abroad. Since MBBS in India is very difficult and expensive, MBBS in Abroad is being chosen by a lot of Indian students.

The best part about study MBBS in Georgia is that it is a very safe educational destination. Georgia has very strong laws and strict policies. Thus, it has zero crime rates. Georgia also ranks seventh in the Safety and Crime Index of the world. This is probably why MBBS in Georgia attracts more than 50% Indian female students.

What type of college to select for MBBS in Georgia?

It is undoubtedly a great choice to go to study MBBS in Georgia. However, your decision will only prove to be the best if you make the best choices. Remember, only pursuing an MBBS degree isn’t all that matters! Five years in a foreign land is a big investment and requires a sensible decision making.

While selecting a medical college in Georgia, make sure to only select one which is Government funded. Selecting a government college for MBBS in Georgia is an excellent choice. However, if you select one of the private medical colleges, you may not be able to avail maximum benefits of Georgian medical programs. Also, private medical colleges are costlier than public medical colleges.

Why you should not select Private Medical Colleges for MBBS in Georgia?



There are a lot of factors due to which you should not select private medical colleges if you are planning to study MBBS in Georgia. First of all, the ranking, age, and accreditation of public medical colleges in Georgia are better than the private medical colleges. MBBS in Georgia fee structure is much affordable for public medical colleges than private medical colleges.

Government medical colleges of Georgia are able to provide better experience and practical skills to the students. Georgian universities provide standard education at easily affordable Course through ECTS focused learning system. Most of the private medical colleges for MBBS in Georgia do not have hospitals of their own near the campus.

Apart from the fees structure, there is another demerit for selecting private medical colleges in Georgia. Not all of them provide an integrated MCI coaching to the students. Most of the private medical colleges in Georgia have a very low ranking. Unlike India, the infrastructure of private medical colleges of Georgia is lower than that of public medical colleges.


Five long years of your life to study MBBS in Georgia matter a lot. Thus, make the most out of them. Do MBBS in Georgia in only one of the top government colleges with affiliated hospitals. Do not go to private medical colleges at all. Public medical colleges are better than private medical colleges in a lot of aspects. PGMedica Overseas will always suggest you the righteous thing. Feel free to contact us if you have any other queries related to MBBS in Georgia.

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