European Teaching University

European Teaching University


European Teaching University is an esteemed medical institution of Georgia well known for its teaching norms, standardized MBBS course and good quality medical education. With a conciliatory fee structure, it pulls in aspiring students from all over the world. Particularly, students who want to study MBBS in India are highly engrained by this university because no matter how hard they try, they lack in getting admission into government colleges because it is a matter of sheer luck.

The subduing fees of private medical colleges in India also urge them to think of studying abroad. Thus, it is better to think of studying MBBS in Georgia rather than wasting time and money in Indian medical colleges. Georgia has many good universities which offer world-class medical education but European Teaching University is definitely a big recommendation from our side.

Why is European Teaching University especially suggested to Indian students by us?

It is our main motto to recommend what is best for our students. Here are a few reasons why we think European Teaching University is a good university choice for you.

  1. Affordable Fees Structure: This University is best known for its flexible and affordable fee structure including all corresponding training programs, researches, activities and conferences.
  2. Comfortable Living Facilities at Affordable Prices: The University makes sure to avail all-important living facilities to the students as per their needs and preferences. The food, transportation cost, hostel accommodation and all other living expenses are provided at minimal and affordable cost.
  3. Spectacular Teaching Methodology: The European Teaching University is enriched with highly qualified, experienced and trained faculty members who have a very clear understanding of the course. Their teaching style is based on European methodology and thus they instil quality education in their students with better decision-making skills.
  4. Excellent Infrastructure and Amenities: They education provided in ETU is not just based on books but focuses on enhancing the learning process through fully air-conditioned and digitalized, theatre style classrooms.
  5. Recognized by Leading Medical Councils: The European Teaching University is accredited and recognized some to leading and renowned medical governing bodies such as World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), FAIMER, National centre for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia (NCFEQE), AMEE, WHED etc.
  6. Preparation for Important Examinations: The experienced teaching staff of ETU not only focuses on medical theories related to the degree but also pay high attention to preparing their students to appear in several medical exams like MCI and USMLE Step 1 and 2 successfully.
  7. English Medium Course: The MBBS degree at ETU is completely taught in English medium if the students wish to select English and not Georgian.
  8. Students with Low Academics Eligible: Indian students who wish to study at European Teaching University can have academics as low as 55% in PCB from a recognized educational board of India.
  9. Approved by Medical Council of India: European Teaching University is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), thus Indian students can practice anywhere in India after returning back.
  10. Safe Atmosphere: ETU makes sure to provide a safe and secure environment to its student by keeping a strict check on activities like harassment, bullying, ragging etc by allotting responsible security guards and through 24 hours active CCTV cameras.
  11. No Donation: Unlike Indian medical colleges, ETU is completely against donation fees and asks you to pay only the required university fees.
  12. Hassle Free Admission Process: The admission process at ETU is easy and very simplified through the online system which ensures complete transparency.

MBBS in Georgia is definitely an enormous experience if one gets to study at European Teaching University. It produces the best graduates all over the world by teaching them through the use of modern technologies, new clinical practice models and multi-disciplinary research.

When we think of what ETU has to offer its students, we cannot stop raving about it. If you are interested in European Teaching University, we are there to help you through your admission.

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