Benefits to study MBBS in Georgia compared to India

Students who wish to Study MBBS in Europe must undoubtedly consider MBBS in Georgia. Through the integrated medical curriculum of Georgian Medical Colleges, Georgia aims to help students pursue & fulfill their ambition and for seeking the best opportunities throughout the world. MBBS in Georgia is a very sensible choice for those students who want to Study MBBS in Abroad at low cost and through excellently trained teaching staff. Georgia offers excellent medical education to its students through a five years study program. Most of the renowned medical universities are run by the Government of Georgia and are among the world’s top 100 medical universities in the world.

All Georgian universities follow the European pattern of medical education. Thus, they have ECTS focused learning system comprising of 360 credits. Indian students don’t need to pay any capitation or donation fees to Study MBBS in Abroad. This implies in the case of Georgia as well.

There are twenty-two medical universities in Georgia which have MCI and WHO approval. Some of the best medical universities of Georgia are Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University, Tbilisi State Medical University, New Vision University and European Teaching University.

MBBS in Georgia VS MBBS in India: 

The fees of private medical colleges in India is continuously increasing. It has jacked up even more in 2018 by almost 50% and reaching around Rs. 75 lakhs for the full course. The public medical colleges have a very limited number of seats, and high corruption. Indian students also have to go through multiple entrance examinations, donation fees, and management quota to study MBBS in India.

NEET is mandatory to study MBBS in Georgia and Georgian medical colleges do not require any other entrance test. The students also need not pay any donation or capitation fees at Georgian medical colleges. They are only required to pay the mandatory university tuition and living fees. Also, MBBS in Georgia offers world-class medical education to students at a very low cost.


Benefits to Study MBBS in Georgia Compared to India:

Studying MBBS in Georgia is a good option because students can get quality medical education there at a very low cost. Here are some of

The main advantages of studying MBBS in Georgian Medical Colleges.

    • The Medical Universities in Georgia hold accreditation by some of the leading medical councils of the world like the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and International Medical Education Directory (IMED).
    • The MBBS and other Medical Courses in Georgia are very affordable as compared to other countries.
    • The cost of living and accommodation for international students is economical with high-quality standards. The hostels of Georgian medical universities are safe. The rooms of the hostels also have all the basic facilities like air conditioning, heating, water supply, hygienic food, and laundry.
    • Most countries including the USA, European and Japan recognize the degree of MD (Doctor of Medicine) from the Medical Universities in Georgia.
    • Georgia makes their education system easier to approachable and easier to understand to every student. They treat all international students equally. Thus, foreign students can either opt for Georgian or English language. Thus, the opportunity to study MBBS in English makes it easier for Indian students to easily adapt in the country.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Georgia are:

    • Georgia follows the (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) ECTS focused learning system which makes MBBS studies more student-centric.
    • Students pursuing their MBBS in Georgia get ample opportunities during their course to apply for jobs and get the required help from the faculty as well.
    • The Medical Colleges in Georgia include an International Students Department which effectively takes care of the international students and helps them in resolving various issues.
    • Many scholarships are available for International students to assist them even more, financially.
    • Georgian medical universities do not require any form of donation to get admission to study MBBS.
    • There is nothing like giving an entrance examination to pursue MBBS program in Georgia. The Georgian government has made the course structure easy and reachable to everyone.

To add on to more benefits, here are more:

    • All government cantered medical universities in Georgia provide the preparation classes for post-graduation screening examinations like MCI, USMLE, and PLABwithout charging any extra amount to it.
    • Georgia has a lot of Indian hotels and restaurants for students and tourists. Due to a large number of Indian students, most of the medical colleges in Georgia have an Indian mess which offers North as well as South Indian food to the students.
    • The medical universities of Georgia also provide students with extracurricular facilities in the college campuses including sports complex, cultural centers, gym and swimming pool.
    • The admission process of Georgian medical colleges is simple and hassle-free.
    • The teaching staff of all Georgian medical colleges is highly experienced, well qualified. They use innovative teaching methods to offer high-quality medical education.
    • The buildings have a great infrastructure. The latest technology and modern diagnosis equipment is provided to the students.
    • The country is totally safe and has zero crime rates due to its strengthened laws and strict policies.


Georgian medical universities have witnessed a large increment in the number of international students over the past few years. It is very beneficial for Indian students to Study MBBS in Georgia. But while selecting your desired college, make sure to select only an MCI Approved college. Most of the Georgian medical universities also have a low-cost fees structure along with hostel expenses. This also makes it more economical to study MBBS in Georgia.

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