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While it is an excellent decision to plan to Study MBBS in Georgia instead of India, it is also an economic one. Private medical universities are making it extremely difficult for Indian aspirant students to stay and study in India due to their enormously increasing medical fees, high living expenses, the requirement of the passing of multiple entrance examinations and a limited number of seats in public colleges. Thinking about best and highly reputed universities from Georgia, we cannot forget about New Vision University which is a private medical university in Tbilisi.

The University aims to provide high-quality medical training to its students through a six years structured curriculum in a very practical and innovative way. MBBS in India not only is costly but also lacks the inculcation of new and advanced teaching methods, technologies and extremely high worldwide recognition.


Why do we recommend New Vision University for Indian students?

New Vision University is a nonprofit medical institution that focuses on proving world class MBBS in Georgia. Their educational program and neoteric assessment methods help Indian students achieve the provision of targetable and integrated clinical knowledge. Here are some of the main reasons why we think New Vision University is good for you.

  1. Low-Cost Educational Fees: This is the first and foremost reason why we strictly recommend New Vision University to Indian students. Despite being a private university, it gives a very low cost and budget-friendly educational program to its students which is completely opposite to the private medical universities in India.
  2. Reasonable Accommodation: The hostel rooms of New Vision University are provided at very low cost and are well ventilated and fully equipped. The other expenses such as travel, textbooks, food etc are also provided at low cost. There is a strict check on the hygiene of the hostel and many facilities such as laundry, Wi-Fi, hot water etc are availed for the students.
  3. Highly Reputed and Recognized: This University continues the global benchmark of clinical training by being recognized by some of the leading medical councils of the world such as World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), UNESCO etc.
  4. MCI Approved: NVU is MCI approved universities which makes Indian students eligible for practising medicine after returning to India. After passing the screening test, they can also apply for Government jobs in India and do PG/MD/MS courses.
  5. Complete Training in English Medium: Indian students are allowed to study their entire course in English medium so that they don’t face any sort of linguistic issues.
  6. ECTS Structured Curriculum: The entire academic process of New Vision University is based upon the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System which is a very convenient and sensitive grading system for student’s evaluation. The students are also assessed through oral examinations, mock tests, multiple choice questions, portfolios, OSCEs etc.
  7. Exceptional Faculty: The faculty of NVU is highly qualified and experienced. It aims to promote the standards of academic integrity through various advanced teaching methods and to encourage the students to focus on practical instead of only theoretical learning. The teachers promote inter-active lectures, seminars, workshops, laboratory teaching, presentations etc for attaining the desired medical education quality.
  8. Infrastructure and Excellent Facilities: The campus of NVU is very large, beautiful and has theatre style classrooms with 3D screens and other latest technologies, a prestigious library, fully equipped laboratories and research centers and a lot more. The campus has free Wi-Fi facility for the students and the teaching staff.
  9. Multi Social Interaction: NVU not only gives its international students the access to a different culture or prodigious teaching styles, but also improves their multi social interaction through its wide number of international students who come from different parts of the world and share their cultures with each other.
  10. No Donation: There is no sort of hidden cost such as donation fees in NVU. The students are only required to pay the mandatory university course fees and living expenses.
  11. Straight Forward Admission Process: The admission process of NVU is very simple, aboveboard, hassle-free and easy. It requires no proclamation of extra expenses and is very transparent.
  12. Low Academics and No Entrance Test: Indian students of General category with marks as low as 50% in PCB and 40% in ST/SC category are eligible to apply for admission at NVU without any entrance tests unlike India.
  13. Availability of Scholarships and Education Loan: They University also provides excellent scholarship opportunities along with educational loans for students in need based on their merits.
  14. Availability of Indian Food: Indian students can once again be assured of the comfortable atmosphere as they get an Indian mess at the campus which serves North Indian as well as South Indian food to them.
  15. Extracurricular Activities: In addition to developing academically, the students of NVU grow personally as well by engaging in various extracurricular activities such as sports, music, arts etc.
  16. Safe Environment: The University is very strict in terms of vigilant attentiveness. The safety of students is a major concern for them and they leave no stones unturned in taking care of their students by being completely against harassment activities and through 24 hours active CCTV cameras and security guards.

New Vision University produces medical professionals who acquire the competency of making differential diagnose by applying required skills and knowledge. They promote the importance of health over money and thus aim for responsible citizens who know the perfect use of scientific and technologic approaches to save lives.

If you have any queries about this university or are interested in taking admission, let us know by contacting us and we will help you until you reach your final destination.

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