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Reasons to Study MBBS in Abroad

With increasing demand for doctors in India and all across the world, there has been a rapid growth in the number of MBBS applicants as well. Students who aim to study MBBS in India are up against hundreds of impediments, including manifold rounds of entrance exams, reserved quotas of seats in government colleges, huge sums of donation fees, strong competition, and often, a high price tag. Thus, it is rather becoming clearer and more sensible choice for Indian students to study MBBS in Abroad.

Over the past few years, instead of wasting time on applying for admission for MBBS in India or wasting hefty amount of money, a large number of Indian students are now opting to Study MBBS in abroad. Here are some of the main reasons why do Indian students prefer MBBS in Abroad over India.

Why is it Beneficial for Indian Students to Study MBBS in Abroad?

There are a lot of reasons to study MBBS in Abroad due to the perks they have to offer to Indian students. The opportunities offered by foreign medical institutes are countless in number and due to their fees and overall curriculum, a lot of Indian students are getting attracted to MBBS in Abroad in the scope of a better future with more ameliorate prospects.

The main reasons are listed below:

    • The simple and hassle-free admission process
    • No entrance tests
    • Easy student visa application process
    • Low-cost educational fees structure
    • No donation or capitation fees
    • Experienced and highly qualified faculty
    • Innovative teaching methods
    • Great infrastructure
    • Worldwide magnificence and recognition of Universities
    • English medium mode of instruction
    • High-quality medical education
    • Latest technology and modern diagnostic equipment
    • Low teacher to student ratio
    • The high success ratio of passing screening test and other medical examinations
    • Most of the institutions are MCI and WHO recognized
    • Affordable and reasonable price of accommodation
    • Proven excellent academic standards
    • Many scholarship opportunities
    • Best opportunities for clinical exposure at university-run hospitals
    • Easy travel to India
    • Extracurricular activities for personal development of the students
    • Improved confidence, better decision making and medical skills
    • Exposure to newer cultures

Why are students planning to pursue MBBS in Abroad instead of MBBS in India?


study mbbs in abroad

Getting admission in Indian medical colleges is a nearly “next-to-impossible” dream for aspiring students despite having a lot of caliber, capability, and talent. This is because of the high-cost fees structure of private medical colleges and limited number of seats in private medical colleges. Although NEET is now mandatory to get admission in medical colleges, Indian students are still left disappointed due to almost double the number of candidates than the medical seats.

There are over 11 lakhs aspiring students who apply to study medicine in India every year but only a few percent of them get successful in getting admission. This is because of a number of issues in the medical education system of India. The private medical colleges have raised their fee structure exorbitantly and this is why studying MBBS in India has become extremely difficult and expensive.

Getting admission in public colleges also require appearing in a number of entrance tests. These colleges also require paying huge sums of donation fees. This is due to the limited number of seats available in public medical colleges. It is henceforth becoming a clear choice for Indian students to Study MBBS in Abroad to pursue their dream degree and come out as excellent medical professionals.

Importance of MCI Approval and NEET for MBBS in Abroad:

If you study MBBS in Abroad in any of the medical universities which do not have MCI approval, your MBBS degree will be invalid in India. Thus, if you are planning to study MBBS in Abroad, it is very necessary to make sure you choose a university which is has approval from the Medical Council of India and obtain the MCI Eligibility Certificate before leaving India.

In addition to low-cost tuition fees, foreign medical institutes also consider low academics in 10+2 as eligible for admission. Although this low eligibility criterion has produced a lot of Indian medical practitioners in foreign lands as compared to India. It has posed a threat on the quality of doctors and professionals.

Thus, the Medical Council of India has now made NEET compulsory for students who wish to study MBBS in Georgia. This ensures that only eligible and worthy students go to study MBBS in Abroad. This will also maintain the quality of education. Instead of a bad ending, the Medical Council of India (MCI) wants Indian students to have a fair start. Thus, MCI approval and NEET, both are equally required to Study MBBS in Abroad.


Therefore, study MBBS in abroad is extremely beneficial for Indian students. They also get to develop themselves mentally. The perks that foreign medical universities offer to Indian students are innumerous. These universities also improve the ability of a student to think critically and make wise decisions.

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