Study and Work while doing MBBS in Poland

After the start of the new decade, India witnessed a significant proportion of student going abroad to do MBBS in Poland. Poland has seen a sharp increase in its development index that has made it economically active in the last decade. The education quality in Poland is far better than other countries of the world and now is placed in the top lists of nations that provide excellent medical education. The best thing about getting an MBBS degree in Poland is that it allows you to work in Poland, without you having to worry about getting a job.

Parents, especially in India, hesitate to send their wards abroad to do PG in Germany. They are worried about the fee structure, the lifestyle, language and many other factors. However, if we have a quick look at the benefits that the students can avail, pursuing an MBBS degree in Poland, you will surely change your mind.


  • Colleges like The Medical University of Gdansk, which is the largest medical institution in the whole of northern provide can help you get Coaching for FMGE / MCI Screening Test while you pursue your degree.
  • The fees are reasonable and quite less when compared to other medical colleges of India that extracts the massive sum of money in the name of donations. Also, lodging fees here is comparatively meager as in India.
  • The admission process is rather simple and does not require you to take any entrance exam or admission tests. With qualified professionals, the teaching provided is of excellent quality. The teaching medium is the universal language, English which narrows the gap between Polish speaking people and people who have come from abroad to do MBBS in Poland.
  • The Medical University of Gdansk ranks among the top 10 universities of the world, and a degree from here helps you to appear for various licensing exams like MCI Screening test, USMLE-1, PLAb that will help you practice medicine in UK and USA. Also, it is easier to apply for a PG degree in Poland after having to do MBBS from here. This process is quite complicated in India.


When it comes to PG in Germany, students from India prefer Poland as their first choice according to some surveys. They find the cities of Poland neat and clean and the people of Poland helpful. Also, the colleges allow its students to work part-time so that they don’t have to depend on anyone for their requirements and can also help support the economy of the country. If you are worried about discrimination, the good news is that the colleges allow reservations to non-EU students in matters of employment opportunities. It takes five years to complete MBBS in Poland, and the laws of the state allow international students to take up the choice of their will and will enable them to share their knowledge of expertise. Another critical factor is the wage of doctors in the country. It increases year by year, and that is the reason why 77% of Indian doctors practice in countries like US and USA.

Students studying in significant colleges like The Medical University of Gdansk can avail affordable rooms at a meager price of 60 euros. The rent varies from university to university, but it guarantees a peaceful and helpful environment to blend in. You can also work part-time even in the first year of your MBBS in Poland. There are many Indian restaurants too that offer Indian cuisines so that you always feel at home.

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