Study MBBS in Russia in MCI Approved Government Medical Universities.

Indian students who aspire to become doctors often fail to qualify for the MBBS seats due to a lot of competition. The number of applicants is extremely large as compared to the number of available MBBS seats in India. This is why a lot of Indian students are now flocking to Study MBBS in Russia. Russia gives them more opportunities and better educational standards. In addition to this, MBBS in Russia is very affordable as compared to India. Russia has a lot of MCI Approved Government Medical Universities which give top-notch education to MBBS aspirants.

What is the current scenario of Government Medical Universities in India?

The Government medical universities in India have a very limited number of seats for MBBS enthusiasts. This year, only 25,960 seats are available in 177 public colleges of India. However, the number of students who apply to get admission is comparatively very high. There is extravagant corruption in Indian government medical universities. This is why students with better caliber cannot get admission.

High donation fees is charged for getting MBBS seats. There is also a strict competition for MBBS seats in India. The NEET exam is not easy for all the students. Thus, they fail to qualify for the government seats. This scenario continues to increase each passing year. And that is why Indian students are now taking admission in Russian medical colleges.

Is MBBS in Russia any better than MBBS in India?

Yes. MBBS in Russia is far better than MBBS in India in many aspects. Firstly, the fees structure of top MCI Approved Government Medical Universities for MBBS in Russia is very low in comparison to that of India. Russian medical colleges have a high and better infrastructure. The medical program to Study MBBS in Russia is more organized and well structured. The teaching faculty of Russian medical colleges is also highly qualified and experienced which is not the case in all government medical universities in India.

Russia has a lot of MCI approved medical universities. The overall quality of medical education in Russian government medical universities is excellent. MBBS in Russia gets completed in a time period of six years. Clinical rotations and practical experience are more prioritized in Russian medical colleges. The teacher to student ratio to Study MBBS in Russia is also very low which allows better concentration and attention during the lectures.

Is it important to study MBBS in MCI Approved Universities?

The Medical Council of India aims to establish uniform standards of higher qualifications in medicine. Therefore, it is important to choose a university which is approved by the MCI if you are planning to study MBBS in Abroad. Moreover, if you study MBBS in Abroad in any of the medical universities which are not approved by the MCI, your MBBS degree will be considered invalid in India.

Thus, to be able to get a medical licensure in India, it is important to study only in medical universities which are approved by the MCI. Before leaving the country, the candidate should acquire the MCI Eligibility Certificate. Further, on completion of the degree, he/she needs to appear in the MCI Screening Test. Thus, if the candidate scores a minimum of 150 marks out of 300, he/she can practice as a medical professional in India.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS in Russia?


Indian students with low academics think that there is no scope of a bright future for them. This is completely a matter of relief for Indian students. They can go to study MBBS in Russia in top MCI Approved government medical universities even if they have low academics in their class 12th examination. IELTS/TOEFL is not necessary to study MBBS in Russia. However, a student should have proficiency in the English language.

The student must have completed the age of 17 years on or before 31st December of the year of admission to the MBBS course. The applicant should have passed the higher secondary examination with at least 50% marks having Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the main subjects. However, some universities also require a minimum of 60% marks in PCB in 10+2 Examinations.

Is NEET Mandatory to Study MBBS in Russia?

The “National Eligibility cum Entrance Test” or NEET has now become mandatory to Study MBBS in Russia. The students should have passed NEET with qualifying marks to get their NEET Score Card. Most importantly, NEET has become mandatory to ensure the quality of doctors and medical professionals abroad. Many students who lack the caliber required for studying medicine are now getting MBBS degree abroad. Thus, the MCI has made it compulsory to clear NEET to get admission in MBSS. This further ensures that only eligible and worthy students go abroad to study medicine.

What are the Best MCI Approved Government Medical Universities to Study MBBS in Russia?

There are a lot of MCI approved government medical universities for MBBS in Russia. All of the leading medical universities in Russia are WHO approved as well. One must only select an MCI Approved University in Russia. Most of the Russian medical colleges are present in the list of top 100 medical colleges of the world.

Top MCI Approved Government Medical Universities in Russia are:


It is very beneficial for Indian students to Study MBBS in Russia. But while selecting your desired college, make sure to select only an MCI Approved college. Most of the Russian medical institutions are actually Government Medical Universities. They have a low-cost fees structure along with hostel expenses. This also makes it more economical to Study MBBS in Russia.

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