Vinnitsa National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical University is a public, co-education medical university that offers resplendent education for MBBS in Ukraine. It was formerly known as National Pirogov Memorial Medical University and is located in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. The university offers a six years course structure for MBBS degree program and used different teaching methodologies for producing competent medical practitioners.


MBBS in India is doubtlessly becoming an awry decision because of the lack of exceptional faculty and jacked up fees structure of private medical colleges. There is a very limited number of seats available in public medical universities and even after cracking multiple entrance exams, many students still fail to be enrolled.

This actually causes a waste of time and a lot of money. Ukraine not only offers world-class medical education but also provides extremely economical fees structures. Vinnitsa National Medical University can never be forgotten while considering the best medical colleges of Ukraine.

Why is Vinnitsa National Medical University good for Indian students?



Indian students should definitely consider Vinnitsa National Medical University if they are planning to Study MBBS in Ukraine. These are a few reasons we think VNMU is good for you:

    1. Economical Fees: The fees structure of VNMU is strategized in such a way that more and more students across the world can get access to quality medical education without being harsh on their pockets.
    2. Low Cost of Living: The hostel of VNMU has all the basic and necessary facilities for comfortable living of the students at a very low cost. The rooms are large, well ventilated and fully furnished. Other expenses such as travel, food, text books etc are also charged at low and reasonable prices.
    3. No Capitation Fees: There are no additional charges such as donation or capitation fees as long as the university tuition and hostel fees is paid.
    4. Recognized Across the Globe: The MBBS degree at Vinnitsa National Medical University  is recognized by International Medical Education Directory (IMED), US Education Department, General Council Of Medicine of Great Britain, Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organisation (WHO), Ministry of Health of Ukraine and many other leading medical councils of the world.
    5. MCI Approved: The University is also approved by the Medical Council of India. As soon as students successfully pass the MCI screening test, they can continue their post graduate studies in India and can continue as medicinal professionals.
    6. High Ratio of Passing in Several Examinations:  The university also trains its students to successfully pass screening tests such as MCI Screening Test, USMLE Step 1, PLAB etc.
    7. Exceptional Faculty: The experienced and highly qualified staff of Vinnitsa National Medical University teaches the students by using different methodologies and theoretical and practical approaches.
    8. English Medium Curriculum: The MBBS degree program at VNMU is fully taught in English, thus Indian students can be completely assured of no obstruction in learning. They can easily concentrate on their studies as soon as they join their classes without having to worry any new language.
    9. Suitable Weather Conditions: The weather in Vinnitsa is very moderate and pleasant, which is why students can comfortably and quickly adjust into their new environment.
    10. Student Safety: The 24 hours active CCTV cameras and security guards ensure complete student safety at the University’s expense. There are no additional charges for the safety of the students which is one of the biggest priorities of VNMU.
    11. Infrastructure: VNMU has three educational buildings fully rendered with modern equipment, latest technologies, 24 hours Wi-Fi, a magnanimous library, 3D classrooms and a lot more.
    12. Eligibility for Admission: The best thing for studying MBBS at Vinnitsa National Medical University is that there is no specific academic criterion for admission. The student is just required to have studies Physics, Chemistry and Biology from a reputed Indian board of Education in 10+2.

Vinnitsa National Medical University focuses on teaching in such a way that the students learn to think critically apart from being responsible medicinal professionals. The graduates from VNMU are trained in such a way that they are worthy of matching the world class education standards.

You should give this university a deep thought if you are considering the option to study in Ukraine. We are sure you will never regret this decision. We are here to help you for the rest!

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