Avoid These kind of Medical Universities to Study MBBS in Abroad.

Over the past few years, Indian students are flocking to Study MBBS in abroad in a huge number. MBBS in abroad gives them much better facilities and education quality than India. However, it is very important to select a top medical university very wisely. A few factors should always be kept in mind while planning to go to Study MBBS in abroad. Remember, not every university is good for you.

Which Medical University to select while planning to Study MBBS in Abroad?

It is actually very crucial for Indian students to select a medical university for MBBS in Abroad which is perfect for them in every possible way. Students must take care of some important factors. First of all, they should keep a check on the ranking and age of the university. This means that a medical university which has a long history should be your top most priority.

Students should also select such a medical university to Study MBBS in Abroad where Indian students have already been going for the past 20-25 years in a large number. Also, students should keep a check on the MCI Screening Test passing ratio of that university. They should make sure that the university chosen by them has a high ratio of passing the FMGE.

What is the worst thing about studying MBBS in Abroad?

MBBS in Abroad is certainly a very sensible choice for Indian students. But, this choice proves to be the best only if the best decisions are taken. If a student selects a wrong university, how can that decision prove to be beneficial for him/her?

Students usually go to Study MBBS in abroad to lead a successful life. However, they do not keep certain important things in mind such as selecting the type of top medical university. They bluntly take admission in any low-cost medical university which either an agent suggests or where a far-off relative or friend is studying.

They often make the wrong decision of selecting a bilingual medical university and do not think about the consequences that may follow. Such students do not try to understand the losses they may have to suffer. They just don’t realize the problems their relative or friend is facing.

They just select a bilingual medical study program and face linguistic issues later on. Another worst thing about studying MBBS in Abroad in a bilingual medical university is that they fail to get MCI Screening Test coaching.


Which type of Medical University to avoid when going to study MBBS in Abroad? 

Over the past few years, there has been a significant rise in the number of Indian students going to Study MBBS in Abroad. However, MBBS in abroad does not give each of them the prospects as promised. This is because agents often misguide students and thus, they do not make the right choices.

Only 25-30% Indian students return to India with flying colors. Such students make sure to choose a top medical university which provides the complete degree program in English medium mode of instruction. You should always avoid a bilingual medical university for MBBS in Abroad. You should also avoid medical universities which have a very low-cost fee.

How can a low cost university prepare you to crack the MCI Screening Test in one go? How can such universities offer you premium quality teaching methods and high level hands-on training? Never go for a bilingual medical university abroad. Most of the students get attracted by the low cost fees structure offered by bilingual medical universities.

They, however, do not think that they may have to face a lot of linguistic issues after taking admission. PGMedica Overseas highly advices you to select a medical university from the top three universities of that country. Remember, if you take the right decision at the correct time, you will never be required to compromise with quality education in any way.


The MCI does not permit an Indian student to transfer the type of medical college after admission. That is why students should make their decisions sensibly and should not let agents fool them. If you opt to Study MBBS in Abroad in a top medical university which doesn’t have a complete English medium study program, you may lose all your concentration. You may lose your entire focus of MBBS in Abroad and language issues may keep on striking you. 

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