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Checklists for students, who are preparing to Study Medicine Abroad.

So, you are preparing to study medicine abroad? While you are eagerly waiting for your international student life to begin, here are few things that you must keep in mind.

Here, take a look…

# Qualifications needed to study medicine abroad 

If you wish to study in medical colleges abroad, you must complete 17 years of age by 31st December of the joining year for the course. You must possess a pass certificate or any recognized Board’s 10+2 certificate with chemistry, physics, biology and English as your subjects. You must also include the practicals for all science subjects.

# Passport and visa

You must acquire a passport and a visa if you wish to study medicine abroad. This must be taken care of even before you start applying for colleges. For accelerating the process, you can get in touch with various agents or education consultants offering relevant services.

# Choose a college with great precaution

There is no dearth of medical colleges abroad, but it is important that you carefully choose the colleges. Find out if they offer scholarships or grants and such other deductions. You can also find out if the colleges offer internships and placements. This will make sure that after the completion of your education, you are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge, but received hands-on training as well.

# Get a rough idea about the expenditures

The expenditure for MBBS course varies from country to country. You need to analyze and assess your financial conditions, aspirations and goals to decide upon which country you wish to study medicine in. The expenditure is not only about the college fees, but your food and lodging, transportation and so on. Money is an extremely crucial consideration, especially when you are going to live for 4 to 6 years in foreign soil.

# Miscellaneous things to remember

  • You need to book tickets in advance so that you are able to reach at least a day before the time of joining your college.
  • Make preparations from ahead to pay for the college and tuition fees, as well as, accommodation fees.
  • Study in detail and have prior knowledge about the climatic conditions of the country and its customs. Learn about the local people, eating habits, the language and so on. This will help you in easily adjusting with the new environment without any hassle.
  • Taking a health insurance is important because in case you fall sick, insurers are going to provide you with financial assistance to help you go back to your country.

So, now that you have the checklist with you, start ticking them off. If you want to study medicine abroad, you need to start making preparations well in advance. Do not leave any scope for surprises.

Are you planning to study medicine abroad? What are the things that you are looking for in an international medical college? Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions so that other aspiring students can feel motivated and find their direction.

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