China Medical University

China Medical University is one of the leading government medical universities located in Shenyang, China. Unlike Indian private medical universities, this University offers cost-friendly educational fees of studying MBBS in China. It has a much-simplified admission process and a better and integrated program of study.

MBBS in India is more like a dream these days because Indian students have to go through several medical entrance exams and even then do not get admission into government colleges. The fees structure of private medical colleges is enormously high and cannot be afforded by students who come from a middle-class background.

Thus Indian students can get a better education and living facilities if they choose to Study MBBS in China at China Medical University. The cost of MBBS programs in China is not only lower than that in India but also comparatively lower than many leading universities of the world. Through their five years curriculum, CMU aims to give a highly recognized and world-class degree to its students.

We highly recommend this university to our Indian students because of the amazing facilities they offer, the kind of education they provide, the type of fees system they have and much more. Below states are a few reasons to be named:

china-medical-universityWhy is China Medical University good for Indian students?

  1. Low Fees: The fees for the entire MBBS program at China Medical University is comparatively very low to that of Indian medical colleges/universities. This not only attracts international students from all over the world but sounds much better to Indian students because of distance and budget-friendly cost.
  2. Scholarship: China Medical University offers a lot of scholarship opportunities for its students despite having an already low cost fees structure. This is an extra relief on the pockets of Indian students.
  3. English Medium Mode of Education: Indian students can be fully assured that they do not have to learn Chinese and study in it. The University offers good quality MBBS education through English medium. Thus, students can easily concentrate on their syllabus and not focus on learning any new language.
  4. Accommodation: CMU has a very large, air conditioned and fully facilitated hostel for international students. All necessary facilities are provided to the students in addition to providing them the kind of food they prefer.
  5. High Ranking & Reputation: CMU is ranked among the top medical universities in China by several leading medical councils of the world. It is also approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, World Health Organization, Ministry of Education, TMAC, ARWU and the MCI.
  6. Great Learning Environment: CMU has several top ranked laboratories, a very large library and reference center, affiliated teaching clinics and hospitals, all fully air conditioned and well-equipped.
  7. Experienced Faculty: The teaching staff at CMU is highly qualified, well trained and experienced. They provide a very positive and strong approach to medical education through an intensive study program and contemporary teaching methods.
  8. Easy and Simplified Admission Process: The admission process at the China Medical University is very easy and obstruction free. The students have to submit necessary documents online and there is usually no sort of difficulty.
  9. No Donation Fees: This is another huge merit for Indian students to opt this University because no matter how capable and worthy a child is, Indian medical universities ask for tremendous donation fees and capitation charges.
  10. Safe Environment: The University takes complete care of the students’ safety through CCTV cameras, well trained security guards and also by strictly being against bullying and harassment activities.
  11. MCI Approved: Since CMU is approved by the Medical Council of India, students can study post graduation or practice medicine in India after returning back.

The China Medical University is well known for producing medical experts through their exceptional way of teaching. Its main motive is to promote medical education at a very high quality and this is why they have a very low cost fees structure.

We strongly think that CMU is a very good option to study MBBS in China and will prove to be one of your life’s most sensible decisions. Don’t hesitate in asking us more about this University and we would be happy to help.

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