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Crimea Federal University, Crimea


Crimea Federal University, also known as the V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University or Crimea State Medical University is a pre-eminent medical university located in Crimea, Russia. The university has embarked in excellent medical education for a span of 100 years now. It is famous all around the world for its highly qualified academic staff and modern infrastructure.

MBBS in India is nowadays becoming a hard choice because it requires centres clearing of innumerous entrance exams and the number of seats in government colleges is also limited. The total fees structure of private medical colleges cost up to around Rs. 80 lakh which is a centres sum of money and cannot be paid by students who come from a middle-class background.

This is why many Indian students are now opting to study MBBS in Russia and amongst many leading and highly reputed medical universities of Russia, Crimea Federal University is a very promising option to think about. The university continues to mark its high rank every year and attracts a lot of students from different parts of the world.

Why is Crimea Federal University recommended for Indian students?


Rather than leaving your dreams unfulfilled or wasting three or four precious years of your life trying to crack several examinations and get government colleges, you should think strong of studying MBBS in Russia. Here are the main reasons

Why we suggest you to consider studying in Crimea Federal University:

    • Infrastructure and Facilities: The campus of Crimea Federal University covers a huge area having beautiful and large educational buildings, comfortable hostels with all amenities, theatre style classrooms, prestigious training and lecture halls, research centers, sports centers, laboratories, library and, several cafes.
    • English Medium Mode of Instruction: Indian students can be completed assured of the medical education at CFU as they can study completely in English medium without having to worry about learning a new language.
    • Easy Admission Process: The admission process at CFU is free from donation, completely online, very simplified and ensures complete transparency with the students.
    • Cost-Friendly Educational Fees: The educational fees of CFU is very affordable and well structured, keeping in mind the importance of promoting medical education and not focus on money making.
    • Fairly Priced Accommodation: The hostel of Crimea State University provides all basic facilities to the students at a very reasonable price. The cost of food, textbooks, travel etc is also very low and fairly priced which is big merit to study at this valuable institution.
    • No Capitation Fees: There are no additional charges such as donation or capitation fees as long as the university tuition and hostel fees are paid.
    • High Ratio of Passing in Several Examinations:  The University also trains its students to successfully pass screening tests such as MCI Screening Test, USMLE Step 1, PLAB etc.
    • Globally Accredited and MCI Approved: CFU is globally recognized by some of the leading medical councils of the world and is approved by Medical Council of India which makes Indian students eligible for practising medicine after returning to India. After passing the screening test, they can also apply for Government jobs in India and do PG/MD/MS courses.
    • Safe Atmosphere: The University is completely again harassment activities and takes care of international students’ safety through 24 hours of active security guards and CCTV cameras.
    • Attentive and Acquainted Faculty: The teaching staff at CFU is very highly qualified and experienced. The lecturers combine practical experience and modern teaching tactics alongside theoretical learning to train students in an excellent manner.
    • Availability of Indian Food: Due to a large number of Indian students, an Indian mess is present in the Crimea Federal University campus which makes it easier for students to live and adjust.
    • Easy Eligibility Criteria: Indian students with a score of 75% marks in 10+2 with PCB are eligible to apply for admission at Crimea Federal University.
    • No Entrance Test: This is another merit of studying at CFU as the students do not require appearing in any sort of entrance exam of the University. Indian students are only required to pass the mandatory NEET exam.

MBBS in Russia is definitely an enormous experience if one gets to study at Crimea Federal University. It produces the best graduates all over the world by teaching them through the use of modern technologies, new clinical practice models and multi-disciplinary research.

Contact us if you have any queries regarding the fees structure, admission procedure or global magnificence of CFU. We would love to help you out in every possible way.

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