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Nanjing University is a B+ grade, a public medical university located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. It is one of the oldest medical institutions of China and gives MBBS education correspondent to MD in the USA, MBBS in the UK, MBBS in India and other Gulf countries. The university aims for providing medical education with sincerity, aspiration, perseverance and integrity.

Since it offers world-class medical education to its students, this University is highly recommended for Indian students. MBBS in India is actually very difficult because of the high fees structure of the private medical colleges, a large number of entrances exams to be cleared and a limited number of seats in the governmental institutions.

Thus, it is better advised for Indian students to opt for studying MBBS in China at this high-class university. Known for its stringent and transparent admission criteria, Nanjing University ranks to offer high-class education for MBBS in China.

Why should Indian students study at Nanjing University?


Nanjing University has made notable achievements in student education through their integrated curriculum, experienced staff, eminent teaching methodology and cost friendly educational fees. It is thus a very good option to study MBBS for Indian students. Following are some more reasons why we strongly vehemence on Indian students to choose this university if they want to study MBBS in abroad.

  1. Convenient Hostel Living at a Low Budget: The university offers a very reasonable and affordable price for hostel accommodation, living, food, textbooks, transportation etc. All the facilities make it very easy for international students to adjust quickly in their new environment and feel completely comfortable.
  2. Very Low and Affordable Fees: Nanjing University offers a six-year MBBS program for its students at very low fees. There is no need to pay the entire amount at once. The fees can be paid by semester or each year in a campus dorm.
  3. Globally Accredited and Recognized: This University is highly accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India and many other leading medical councils of the world. It also ranks as a 130th best medical university in the entire world according to a study made in 2016.
  4. MCI Approved: Nanjing University is approved by the Medical Council of India. So after passing the MCI screening test, Indian students can practice as medicinal professionals once they return back to India.
  5. Modern Methods of Teaching: The highly qualified and experienced staff of Nanjing University aims to provide better education through new teaching methods like “Flipped Classroom” and “Blended Learning”.
  6. Easy Admission Process: The admission process at Nanjing University is very simple and easy. The university asks for necessary and important documents online, through an online submission system which is totally hassle-free and ensures complete transparency.
  7. English Medium Course: The entire syllabus for MBBS is taught in English which makes it easy for Indian students to start their studies with full concentration as soon as they join their classes. They do not have to face any sort of language problem.
  8. High Success Ratio in Various Examinations: The university also trains its students to successfully appear and pass in various examinations such as USMLE, PLAB and various screening tests.
  9. Favourable Weather: Although the weather may not sound big merit to many students, it actually is. It is not easy to concentrate and adjust in abroad if your conditions are completely different than what you are used to. The weather in Nanjing is almost like Indian weather which is very favourable, comfortable and pleasant for Indian students.
  10. Availability of Indian Food: Again, it is not less than huge merit to be able to find the food you are used to. The university has a very large canteen that offers North as well as South Indian food to its students.
  11. A large Number of Scholarships:  Nanjing University offers huge scholarship opportunities to its students based on their 10+2 marks such as 100% for top five students, 50% for next 25 students and 25% for another 25 students. The scholarship can also be extended if the students continue to perform in the same way in their first year at the University.

What can Indian students ask for more? Low fees, lots of scholarship opportunities, a safe and comfortable atmosphere, high-grade faculty, quality teaching, worldwide recognition and a lot more.

We totally love this university and recommend it to all Indian students aspiring to study MBBS. You can contact us to know more and we will make sure to help you until the end of your admission.

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