Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University


Odessa National Medical University is a public medical university located in the city of Odessa, Ukraine. It offers an excellent education for MBBS in Ukraine through a six years degree program where five years are spent in medicinal learning and one year is procured for internship and practical learning of the graduates.

Since MBBS in India is no longer easy for Indian aspirant students, Ukraine has a lot to offer them. The Universities in Ukraine are not only globally recognized to be the best but are also very old and experienced. The fees structure of nearly all universities of Ukraine is comparatively very low to India and thus, is attracting many students from India each year.

ODNMU is definitely a good education provider when it comes to considering the top medical universities of Ukraine. This university also has a large number of Indian students around its campus who come to study medicine and get a lifelong erudition experience.  


Why do we suggest Odessa National Medical University:

    • English Medium Mode of Study: The students are taught the entire MBBS course completely in English Medium which allows them to focus on their subjects instead of worrying about learning a new language.
    • Infrastructure and Facilities: The university campus is not only large and beautiful but is also fully furnished, well equipped with the latest technology and well ventilated. 24 hours Wi-Fi is available for the students along with an online access to electronic study material. The classrooms also have theatre style look along with 3D technology. The library is also very large and consists of over three lakh prestigious medicine literature.
    • Low Educational Fees: The university offers high-quality educational service through low-cost fees structure as their main motive is to produce worthy medicinal professionals and not focus on money making.  
    • No Donation Cost: The students are only required to pay the mandatory university tuition fees and their hostel and living expenses. There is no sort of extra hidden costs such as donation or capitation fee.
    • Comfortable Living at Reasonable Prices: The hostel accommodation is very fairly priced for the students and consists of all the important and basic facilities required for a comfortable living. The rooms are centrally heated and fully furnished. Travel expenses, textbooks, medical health insurance, food etc are also offered at a low price.
    • MCI Approved: ODNMU is also approved by the Medical Council of India which gives the students the license to practice medicine in India after returning back. All they have to do is successfully pass in the MCI Screening Test.
    • Globally Recognized Degree: The MBBS degree of ODNMU is globally accredited by International Medical Education Directory (IMED), World Health Organization (WHO), Medical Council of India (MCI), Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, European Council of Medicine, General Medical Council of UK, SADC Council and various other leading medical councils of the world.
    • Well Qualified and Experienced Teaching Staff: The teachers of ODNMU are highly educated, learned and experienced. They use different and innovative teaching tactics to encourage practical learning in addition to theoretical clinical training of the students.
    • Safe Environment: The hostels are completely safe and secure for the students. There is a 24 hours monitoring of students through CCTV cameras and security guards.
    • Academics Eligible: Indian students having academics as low as 50% in PCB are eligible to apply for admission at ODNMU.
    • Simple Admission Process: The admission process for MBBS at ODNMU is available online and is completely hassle-free and transparent.
    • Favourable Weather: Odessa experienced a moderate and pleasant weather with an average of 16 degrees centigrade. This makes Indian students feel very comfortable there and adjust within in no time.
    • Odessa National Medical University is one of the best and oldest Government Medical Universities in Ukraine and has always strived to produce capable healthcare professionals. The exceptional faculty ensures that good attention is given to every student.

If you are planning to study MBBS in Ukraine, this might be a very sensible choice for your good career. We are here to let you know more about the university, admission process and to answer every single query that you may have.

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