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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is one of the lowest cost medical programs of the world and can be completed within 6 years (5 years of studying and 1 year of practising). There are many reputed medical institutions in Kyrgyzstan but Osh State Medical University is what we can swear by as it is the second best medical institution in Kyrgyzstan after the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.


MBBS in India is enormously pricey and pursuing it in abroad is becoming a clear choice to aspiring students. The students not only get access to better technology/facilities abroad or get a degree or higher recognition all over the world but also get to study at a much lower cost than India.

Osh State Medical University is a government university situated in Osh and is known for maintaining indispensable standards of educational candour and institutional honour. Indian students must take into account the existence of such a valuable medical institution if they want to study medicine and get successful in life.

Why is Osh State Medical University a good choice for Indian students?


Reasons why we recommend Osh State Medical University are listed as follows:

    • World Class Facilities: The teaching hospitals at Osh State Medical University are well equipped with modern analytic and treatment facilities. The University gives access to almost all good living and studying facilities to its students and has a library of some incredible medical books and international scientific journals.
    • Skilful and Experienced Faculty: The OSMU offers premium quality teaching methods to its students through its highly qualified and experienced teaching staff.
    • No Donation Fees: Unlike the Indian private colleges, you don’t need to pay any extra money for donation or capitation at Osh State Medical University. All you are required to pay is the university application fees.
    • Low Fees Structure: The University offers a very low fees structure to its students including living expenses, hostel accommodation, food cost, medical insurance, resident permit extension, textbooks etc.
    • MCI Approved: After returning back to India, the Indian students can easily start practising as the Osh State Medical University is MCI approved and has a good passing percentage in the MCI screening test annually.
    • Universal Accreditation: The University is accredited, recognized and approved by World Health Organization (WHO), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in the USA, International Medical Education Directory (IMED), etc and is highly reputed among others. This is why the students can practice medicine and continue further studies in other countries also.
    • English Medium Course: Osh State Medical University offers the course in English medium, so there is no lingual problem to the students.
    • Extracurricular Activities: In addition to developing academically, the students at Osh State Medical University grow personally as well by engaging in various extracurricular activities such as sports, theatre, bands etc.
    • Easy Admission Process: The admission process at OSMU is very easy, simplified and can be done online.
    • Easy Cracking of USMLE Exam: The graduates at OSMU are taught in such a way that they successfully crack USMLE step 1exam and continue post graduation or work in America.
    • Favourable Weather Conditions: Indian students easily adjust to the atmosphere because the weather is pleasant and identical to winters in North Indian cities.
    • Availability of Indian Food: Indian food is easily available in Kyrgyzstan and on top of that, Indian mess is present in the Osh State Medical University campus which makes it easier to live and adjust.
    • Beautiful Infrastructure: The University is not only beautiful but also has a lot of facilities in it. From comfortable hostels to libraries, scientific research centres to theatres, Osh State Medical University has it all.
    • Affiliated Hospitals and Clinics: Clinics with international medical faculty assorted to the campus allow the students to learn practically and evaluate everything critically.


Osh State Medical University aims to educate its students in such a way that they have better decision-making skills, excellent abilities, self-development and successful medical career through their internationally recognized high-quality education.

We would love to help you throughout the entire admission process till the last minute if you take Osh State Medical University into consideration. Have faith in us and thank us later.

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