Perm State Medical University

Perm State Medical University is one of the oldest and leading medical universities situated in the city of Perm, Russia. Established in 1916, this University has produced multitudinous excellent medicinal practitioners from different parts of the world under one roof. Not only it attracts aspiring students from different parts of Russia, but a large number of its foreign students come from India.

The six years curriculum at Perm State Medical University is very well structured and aims to offer excellent quality for MBBS in Russia. Its fees structure is also very low as compared to leading medical universities all over the world.

MBBS in India is nowadays becoming a hard choice because it requires unnecessary clearing of innumerous entrance exams and the number of seats in government colleges is also limited. The total fees structure of private medical colleges cost upto around Rs. 80 lakh which is a huge sum of money and cannot be paid by students who come from a middle-class background.

This is why many Indian students are now opting to study MBBS in Russia and Perm State Medical University is a very promising option to think about.


Why Do We recommend Indian Students to Study at Perm State Medical University?

Perm State Medical University is a very reputed and excellent medical university which we think is especially good for Indian aspirant students. Here are a few reasons why we think so:

    • Affiliated Hospitals and Clinics for Professional Training: The University has two polyclinics and nine hospitals around the campus to train the students on a professional level. The hospitals and clinics are well furnished and consist of modern diagnostic equipment and the latest technology.
    • English Medium Course Available: Indian students can easily study medicine at PSMU without having to learn any new language. They can pursue their MBBS course in complete English medium and full concentration.
    • Infrastructure and Facilities: PSMU is a beautiful educational institution having well-ventilated classrooms, sports and health-improving centre, physical training halls, rehearsal halls, music room, auditorium, laboratories, research centres and a prestigious library having more than 6,00,000 medical volumes.
    • Budget-Friendly Fees Structure: The MBBS program provided by PSMU is very cheap to many leading medical universities, especially to that of private Indian medical colleges.
    • Fully Furnished Hostel at Low Cost: The hostels of PSMU are fully furnished, well ventilated and have all time Wi-Fi facility, laundry rooms, gym, kitchens etc at a very cheap and reasonable cost.
    • Global Accreditation: The MBBS degree of PSMU is globally recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO) and many other leading medical councils of the USA and Europe.
    • MCI Approved: Perm State Medical University is recognized by the Medical Council of India which is why Indian students can be assured of getting provisional /permanent registration by any medical council of the country after the completion of their degree. All they have to do is successfully pass the MCI Screening Test.
    • Highly Qualified and Reputed Teaching Staff: The faculty members of PSMU are very qualified, from well-recognized universities and use advanced teaching methods including scientific seminars, projects and conferences to provide an excellent education to students.
    • No Entrance Exams: This is another relief for Indian students as they do not require appearing in multiple entrance examinations to get enrolled in PSMU just like India. They just need to qualify NEET and that’s all.
    • Availability of Indian Food: Indian students have another merit of studying at this particular university as they get to eat the kind of food they are used to. PSMU campus has Indian mess available which offers delicious North as well as South Indian food for students.
    • No Donation: This University is strictly against donation fees which are again very opposite to the current scenario of Indian medical colleges.
    • Simple Admission Procedure: The admission process at PSMU is also very simple and hassle-free. Students have to send the completed application form online which ensures complete transparency along with mandatory educational documents.
    • Safe Environment: Safety is one of the biggest concerns and priorities of PSMU, thus they take complete care of students by ensuring a safe environment through CCTV cameras and responsible security guards.

Perm State Medical University encourages its students to actively participate in international conferences and student congresses, seminars, international volunteer movement etc. The University aims to train world-class medical professionals through its history of more than 100 years.

We definitely think this is a very good university for Indian students and are available all the time to assist you through your admission. Contact us to know more about the university, its fees structure and exact admission procedure.

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