Is it worth to do PG in USA at Spartan University of Health and Science?

PG in USA is every student’s dream. It is because America is full of excellent opportunities and has high medical education standards. When it comes to considering the best universities to study MBBS in USA or do PG in USA, we certainly have to name the Spartan University of Health and Science. Not only an esteemed medical institution, but the Spartan University of Health and Science is also the home to medical pioneering all over the world.

An Overview of Spartan University of Health and Science:

The Spartan University of Health and Science is an esteemed study location in the USA. It is an MCI approved medical institution having over 5000 Indian students around its campus. The university established in 1980. It is one of the oldest medical schools in the Caribbean and the first CAAM-HP accredited Medical School in St. Lucia.

By studying at the Spartan University of Health and Science, a student can get licensed to practice in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and other parts of the world. This private institution gives quality medical education to its students in English medium through an MD program for a duration of 4 years. Students are then required to do internship and gain practical experience.



The university also gives many scholarships and awards to its students. This honored university holds accreditation from the WHO, MCI, WDOMS, ECFMG and FAIMER IMED – USA, MCC – Canada, GMC – UK, etc. The admission to study MBBS in USA in Spartan University of Health and Science is very easy but follows the completion of an undergraduate degree. This medical university does not require any entrance test.

Advantages of studying MBBS in USA: 

MBBS in USA is quite costly than other countries. It is full of suitable skills, knowledge, and expertise which you cannot find all these factors at a single medical college. It gives complete knowledge and expertise that a doctor requires achieving a successful career.

The main advantages of studying MBBS in USA are:

    • No MCI Screening Test is required for medical licensure in India after studying MD in USA.
    • The quality of medical education by PG in USA is highest and unmatchable in the world.
    • American medical institutes offer a lot of scholarship opportunities to MBBS aspirants.
    • Indians who hold a medical degree from the USA get better work opportunities in India.
    • The American medical colleges do not require any sort of donation fees for admission.
    • The medical colleges of USA have high success ratio for various medical examinations.
    • The faculty of medicine in American medical universities is exceptional and highly qualified.

Benefits of doing PG in USA:

After completing your dream course of MBBS in Abroad, you can plan to study further in the USA. Medical PG (MD / MS Degree) in the USA does not require the clearance of the MCI Screening Test. Thus, if you are planning to study medicine in the USA, you do not need to worry about preparing for MCI exam or clearing it. This is undoubtedly one of the best things about studying MBBS in USA.

Also, the MBBS degree from the USA is valid and highly reputed in India. To get the admission in leading medical colleges for PG in USA, you just have to successfully pass the online USMLE Step 1 Exam, the coaching of which is provided by most of the reputed medical colleges abroad. Once the student clears the USMLE Step 1 Exam, he should successfully qualify the USMLE Step 2 and USMLE Step 3 for finally getting admission in USA medical colleges.

Is It Worth To Do PG in USA at Spartan University of Health and Science?

It is definitely worth studying PG in USA at the Spartan University of Health and Science. This is because of a number of reasons. First of all, this medical university has a very dedicated and highly qualified teaching staff. The exceptional learning atmosphere of this university makes it even more worthy to do PG in USA. The university has world-class amenities and facilities for the excellent training of its students.

The curriculum and way of teaching make Spartan one of the most popular study destinations for international students. The university makes sure that the best possible medical diagnostic equipment and resources are available to the students. Spartan University of Health and Science continues to be at the vanguard of technology. The internship opportunities and placement records of this university make it even a better destination for PG in USA and MBBS in USA. The high USMLE success ratio of Spartan adds on to its worthiness.


Therefore, the Spartan University of Health and Science is a prestigious medical institution for studying PG in USA and MBBS in USA. The university provides access to an exemplary academic experience while preparing its students to think critically. Hence, it is completely worth to do PG in USA at Spartan University of Health and Science.

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