Which is the Safest Country to Study MBBS in Abroad?

Over the past few decades, there has been a sudden rise in the number of students who go to Study MBBS in Abroad. Either you go to Study MBBS in USA, Study MBBS in Georgia or any other medical education destination, it is very important to make sure you are safe. After all, you will only have a successful career if you are in a safely alive in a foreign country. MBBS in Abroad is actually a very sensible decision but your life abroad totally depends upon the choices you make.

Why are Indian Students Going to Study MBBS in Abroad?

There are a lot of reasons why Indian students now prefer MBBS in Abroad. Studying in abroad gives improved confidence, better decision making, and high-quality medical skills to Indian students. Actually MBBS in India has become extremely difficult and expensive. The private medical institutes have increased their fees structure exorbitantly. Only a limited number of seats are available in public colleges.

The opportunities offered by foreign medical institutes are countless in number. Thus, Study MBBS in Abroad is attracting a lot of Indian students in the scope of a better future. This is due to the fees and overall curriculum of MBBS in Abroad programs. Indians also prefer studying MBBS in Abroad because no donation fees is required. The WHO and MCI give approval to most of the reputed medical universities abroad. Foreign medical institutes have seen a high increase in the number of students who come to Study MBBS in Georgia, Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan and Study MBBS in USA.


How to select a safe country for MBBS in Abroad?

There are thousands of benefits of studying MBBS in Abroad some of which being simple and hassle-free admission process, no entrance tests, low-cost educational fees structure, no donation or capitation fees, experienced and highly qualified faculty and innovative teaching methods. While Study MBBS in Abroad is very favorable for a student, it is highly important to fly to a safe country only. Thus, the students should make wise choices and consult experienced people while making such a big decision.

To select a safe country, the student should keep a check on the crime rates of the country. All such information is easily available on the internet. He/she should also consult experienced overseas consultants such as PGMedica Overseas to ensure completely safety. If they have decided their destination or have shortlisted a few, they should compute on the laws of that country. It is advised to select a country which has strict and strengthened laws. The police of your destined land should also be very responsible, quick and alert.  

Safest Destination to Study MBBS in Abroad: 

While there many reputed medical institutions all over the world, some study locations such as China, Russia, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, USA etc have become the hub of medical studies. There are a lot of advantages and some disadvantages of these study locations as well. But when it comes to safety, there are three study locations that PGMedica Overseas swears by the most.

According to us, the safest destinations to Study MBBS in abroad are USA, Georgia and Ukraine. We actually conclude and suggest this on the basis of our experience, student feedback and myriad hours of research. If you are planning for MBBS in abroad, you should either consider Study MBBS in USA or Study MBBS in Georgia. Ukraine is also a very safe country.

Which Study Location is Safer: Study MBBS in USA or Study MBBS in Georgia?

If we particularly talk about the two options: Study MBBS in USA or Study MBBS in Georgia, Georgia is what we would recommend more. The United States of America is undoubtedly safe and secure. Their cops are also very strict and quick. But when it comes to Georgia, we think it is an even better destination to Study MBBS in Abroad. It is a well known fact that cases of minor thefts, robbery, and mugging are reported everywhere in the world.

But on a general scale, the safety of a country is decided on the overall statistics. The crime rate of Georgia is certainly one of the lowest in Europe. Georgia is a safer location because the universities to Study MBBS in Georgia witness a very few or no crimes or cases of harassment in comparison to the USA.


No matter wherever in the world you go to pursue an educational course. Your safety should be your first concern, should not be neglected in any way. Choose a medical university for MBBS in Abroad in only that country which has zero crime rates even if it is a little costlier. Nothing costs more than your life. We highly suggest Study MBBS in USA or Study MBBS in Georgia as safe locations for Study MBBS in abroad.

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