NEET is Mandatory to Study MBBS in Abroad

Over the past few decades, there has been a sudden rise in the number of students who go to Study MBBS in Abroad. This is because of a number of opportunities that foreign medical institutes give to Indian students. Their fees structure is generally lower than India and they have an exceptional teaching faculty. The admission procedure and eligibility criteria to get admission for MBBS in Abroad are also very easy. However, NEET is now mandatory to study MBBS in Abroad.

Why is NEET Mandatory to Study MBBS in Abroad?

Many students are nowadays opting to Study MBBS in Abroad. This has happened due to the exceeding elevation in the fees structure of private medical colleges. Also, the public medical colleges of India have a very limited number of seats. The fees structure in foreign medical institutes is very low as compared to India. It also allows students to take various educational loans. Students can also appear in scholarship tests abroad to avail the maximum benefits. The admission procedure in medical colleges abroad is also very simplified and easy unlike MBBS in India, and the universities do not require students to appear in any sort of entrance examinations as well. Thus, there has been a sudden rise in Indian students with low academics going to Study MBBS in Abroad over the past few years. 

Study MBBS in Abroad


The opportunities offered by foreign medical institutes are countless in number and due to their fees and overall curriculum, a lot of Indian students are getting attracted to MBBS in Abroad in the scope of a better future with more ameliorate prospects. This low eligibility criterion has produced a lot of Indian medical practitioners in foreign lands as compared to India. However, it has also posed a threat on the quality of doctors and professionals. This is because such students lack the caliber required for studying medicine which is undoubtedly a difficult course. As it is important to pass the MCI Screening Test after the completing of MBBS degree in abroad to work as a licensed doctor in India or pursue post graduation studies, there has been a significant decrement in the passing of the MCI or FMGE test with the increment in MBBS degree holders. Thus, the Medical Council of India proposed to make NEET compulsory for students who wish to study MBBS in Abroad. This ensures that only eligible and worthy students go abroad to study medicine. This will also maintain the quality of education. Instead of a bad ending, the Medical Council of India (MCI) wants Indian students to have a fair start.

What is the NEET Examination for MBBS in India?

The “National Eligibility cum Entrance Test” or NEET is an entrance examination for medical studies in India. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is responsible for conducting NEET in India. Students who wish to study MBBS/BDS in government or private medical colleges of India or abroad must appear in NEET. This test has replaced AIPMT as well in addition to other multiple entrance exams held by medical colleges of India. The main purpose of the exam is to give medical seats to desirable students. This exam also aims to maintain the quality of medical education without considering the reservation as a criterion for marking. From 2018, NEET has become mandatory to Study MBBS in Abroad as well. The syllabus is based on the CBSE curriculum for 11th and 12th standard. Generally, it is easy for ISC students as well. The examination is held in form of multiple choice questions (MCQs). If the students are able to achieve a minimum of 50% marks in NEET, they are eligible for getting admission in India as well as in Abroad.

Benefits of NEET Examination for MBBS in Abroad: 

If you are planning to Study MBBS in Abroad, NEET definitely has a lot of benefits for you, some of which are:

    • NEET ensures the quality of medical education inside and outside India by allowing only worthy students to pursue MBBS.
    • The students do not need to apply for multiple entrance exams. Appearing in NEET and cracking it is enough to get admission in medical colleges abroad.
    • This also saves a lot of time and money of the students. They just need to focus on one exam for their admission instead of multiple ones. Also, this keeps them concentrated on the pattern and marking scheme of one type of exam.
    • Focusing on NEET also reduces pressure on students as they don’t need to memorize dates of various exams.  They also do not need to travel to different cities in order to get admission.
    • Worthy students are no more left disappointed as they have equal opportunity. They can get admission without having to worry about losing seats.
    • Students who have cracked NEET can also crack the MCI Screening Test easily after their return to India.


Thus, if you are planning to Study MBBS in Abroad or in India, prepare for the NEET exam. Aim for qualifying marks and make sure to select a top MCI approved medical university. NEET Score card is compulsory as a document required for getting admission in foreign as well as Indian medical institutes.

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