How to Select a Top Medical University to Study MBBS in Abroad.

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of Indians studying MBBS in Abroad. This is because Indian fees structure is very high. Also, the overall educational facilities are low as compared to foreign medical institutes. Thus, Indian students are no more wasting time on applying for admission for Study MBBS in India. They are neither wasting a hefty amount of money. They are simply now opting to Study MBBS in Abroad.

Why do Indians prefer studying MBBS in Abroad instead of India?

There are a lot of reasons to why Indian students now prefer MBBS in Abroad and one of the main reasons is certainly the perks medical universities abroad have to offer to Indian students. Studying in abroad gives improved confidence, better decision making, and more ameliorate medical skills to Indian students. The opportunities offered by foreign medical institutes are countless in number.

The low-cost fees and overall curriculum is attracting a lot of Indian students for MBBS in Abroad. This gives them the scope of a better future with more ameliorate prospects. The admission process of most medical universities outside India is very simplified, easy and hassle-free. Indians also prefer studying MBBS in Abroad because these institutes do not require any donation fees. However, selecting the best university is a very big decision to make and requires a lot of research, counseling, professional advice, and thought.


Best Ways to Select a Top Medical University in Abroad:

It is actually very crucial for Indian students to select a university which is perfect for them in every possible way. Some of the best ways to select a top medical university in abroad are:

    • Total Education Cost and Overall Budget
    • Safety
    • Location of Institute and Country
    • MCI and WHO Approval
    • English Medium Mode of Instruction
    • Duration of Course
    • Location of Institute and Country
    • Affiliated Hospitals and Clinics
    • Quality of Living and Lifestyle
    • Availability of Indian Food
    • Favourable Weather Conditions

Total Education Cost and Overall Budget:

Indian students going to Study MBBS in abroad should not let anyone fool them by considering only the low-cost tuition fees of the shortlisted medical universities. They should keep a check on the overall cost of tuition fees, hostel accommodation, food, personal expenses, transportation and travel charge, visa charge, overseas consultancy charge etc and then only decide if the chosen country or medical university is economical for them.


No matter wherever in the world you go to pursue an educational course, your safety should be your first concern and should not be neglected in any way. Choose a medical university in only that country which has zero crime rates even if it is a little costlier.

Location of Institute and Country:

The country you select should not be very far away otherwise the travel expense will be higher. Also, there should be direct flights available for easy or emergency travel without any waste of money.

Affiliated Hospitals and Clinics:

The University should also be located in a good region with more public so that more patients visit its affiliated hospitals. If a university has more patients in its hospital, the quality is good and students can get to learn better through hands-on experience. Thus, it is very important to keep a check on the affiliated hospitals of the medical college/university to know the patient inflow.

Duration of Course:

MBBS in India takes a total of about 5.5 years to get completed including one entire year of internship. If you select a medical university with a very long duration of MBBS course, it is going to be costlier for you. Always go to a country that offers medical education including internship not more than around five years.

Quality of Living and Lifestyle:

In order to find a very cheap university, one should not forget considering the quality of living in that particular country. Good quality conditions make a big difference in the overall development and better learning of the individual.

Availability of Indian Food:

This may not be a very important aspect to consider for many aspiring Indian students. But, it makes a huge difference in the overall well-being. The type of food an individual is habitual of used to keeps him healthy, fit and more focused. One can stay away from his usual taste for a week or two but staying away from it for tenure of five to six years in nearly impossible. Therefore, Indian students should select a country where Indian food is available.

Favourable Weather Conditions:

Weather doesn’t really matter when you have the urge to learn but your living conditions make a huge impact on the quality of your life, your ability to perform, your concentration, the propensity of making wise decisions and tendency of managing things. You should only select a country with weather that can suit your body type. There are many cases where aspirant students come back to India despite all the good things. This is due to exposure to extreme heat or cold. They cannot tolerate it and thrive to stay healthy in those weather conditions.

English Medium Mode of Instruction:

If you select a university where English medium course is not available, it can lead to a lot of problems. It can cause a waste of time in learning a new language. Also, it can drastically reduce your capability to perform due to linguistic issues. Always look for a university which offers the complete course in English medium. By doing this, you can fully concentrate on your studies. This will also ensure that you don’t worry about learning a foreign language.

No Donation Fees:

Although most of the foreign medical institutes are completely against illegal donation fees, you should still keep a check on this factor. You should make sure that you do not pay any extra sum of money.

MCI and WHO Approval:

If a student pursues MBBS in Abroad in a university which does not have MCI approval, the degree will be invalid in India. Thus, to Study MBBS in Abroad, make sure you choose a university which has approval by the MCI. You should also obtain the MCI Eligibility Certificate before leaving India. The college you opt for should also have approval by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Overall Magnificence, Ranking, and Accreditation:

The ranking of the university pays a huge role in determining the quality of education. So, a student must sensibly shortlist a university with high ranking and global accreditation.

Reasonable Price of Accommodation:

Select a country which offers living and other expenses at a very reasonable price.

Success Ratio in Different Medical Examinations:

The University you choose must have a high MCI passing ratio. It should also have a high success ratio of various medical examinations such as USMLE, PLAB etc. This ensures the quality of medical education provided in that institute.

Integrated Curriculum and Exceptional Faculty:

Always select a university which offers a well structured and integrated curriculum. This helps in delivering high educational standards. The faculty should be highly qualified and well trained. The teachers must use different and innovative teaching tactics. This encourages practical learning in addition to theoretical clinical training of the students.

Infrastructure and Facilities:

The University you select should be well ventilated, fully furnished and well equipped with the latest technology. It should have the modern diagnostic equipment to cater to all students and patients.

Why Study MBBS in Abroad over MBBS in India?

Getting admission in Indian medical colleges is a nearly “next-to-impossible” dream for aspiring students. This is because of the high-cost fees structure of private medical colleges. Also there are a very limited number of seats in public medical colleges. Although NEET is now mandatory to get admission in medical colleges, Indian students are still left disappointed. This is due to almost double the number of candidates than the medical seats.

There are over 11 lakhs aspiring students who apply to study medicine in India every year. Only a few percent of them get successful in getting admission. This is because of a number of issues in the medical education system of India. The private medical colleges have raised their fee structure exorbitantly. This is why Study MBBS in India has become extremely difficult and expensive.

Getting government colleges is absolutely what is known as fate, luck or a favor of destiny. Getting admission in public colleges also require appearing in a number of entrance tests. These colleges also require paying huge sums of donation fees. This is due to the limited number of seats available in public medical colleges. It is henceforth becoming a clear choice for Indian students to Study MBBS in Abroad. This allows them to pursue their dream degree and come out as excellent medical professionals.


Therefore, Study MBBS in abroad is extremely beneficial for Indian students. Quality medical education is possible at a much lower cost than India. They also get to develop themselves mentally. The perks that foreign medical universities offer to Indian students are innumerous. These universities also improve the ability of a student to think critically and make wise decisions.

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