Benefits of Choosing English Medium MBBS Course in Russia

Russia is a multicultural society and thus, a land of diverse multicultural education. MBBS in Russia signifies to be one of the best options for pursuing MBBS in Abroad. Russian medical colleges are excellent educational institutions and offer MBBS course through excellent teaching methodologies. Basically, there are three types of medical colleges in Russia – colleges that offer MBBS course in full Russian Medium, Bilingual Colleges and colleges that offer MBBS course in full English Medium.

Colleges for MBBS in Russia are a boon for Indian MBBS aspirants. This is because the fees structure of private Indian medical colleges is too high. Public colleges of India have a limited number of seats as compared to a large number of applicants each year. However, the fees structure of medical colleges in Russia is low and affordable.

Russian Medical colleges have a high infrastructure, exceptional faculty and well-structured curriculum. The MBBS admission process is also very easy in Russia. There is no strict competition just like India. Most of the medical colleges give admission without any entrance exam. Russian medical colleges also ban illegal donation fees. But it is very crucial to select the best college if you are planning to Study MBBS in Russia.

The college you select should:

  • Have MCI Approval
  • Have full English medium mode of instruction

Why is it important to study MBBS in Russia MCI Approved Universities?

The Medical Council of India aims to establish uniform standards of higher qualifications in medicine. Therefore, it is important to choose a university which has MCI approval if you are planning to study MBBS in Abroad. Moreover, if you study MBBS in Abroad in any of the medical universities which do not have MCI approval, your MBBS degree will be invalid in India. Thus, for a medical licensure in India, it is important to study only in medical universities which have MCI approval.

Why Should Indians Select the MBBS Course in Russia in Complete English Medium? 

Since there are many international students attending medical colleges and universities in Russia, you can easily find courses offered in both languages. But the cost of English medium MBBS course to Study MBBS in Russia is slightly more expensive than full Russian medium. This is why many students make the mistake of choosing bilingual or full Russian medium colleges in order to save some extra money.

This mistake costs them a lot. Therefore, it is important to select English as your medium of instruction if you are planning to study MBBS in Russia. This avoids language barriers while learning. If a student selects an MBBS course in Russian medium, this largely affects his performance and ability to concentrate. This happens because his/her focus shifts from medical education to learning a new language.

Some of the main reasons why English medium is the best to study MBBS course in Russia are:

    • English is a global language and people all around the world speak it.
    • Learning medicine in this language gives more ameliorate opportunities for a successful career.
    • A working knowledge of English is supposed to be valuable all around the world.
    • English is important to doctors all over the world because most of the esteemed medical and scientific literature is written in English.
    • Most of the international meetings, medical seminars and conferences are held in English. 
    • English is taught as a primary subject in Indian schools. Thus, Indian students already know it pretty well and find it comfortable to pursue further studies in this language.
    • The doctors who know the English language are given extra importance in diverse and developed countries.
    • English is also the most common language by academics worldwide.
    • Most of the important medical research and work occurs in the English language.
    • Doctors with proficiency in English can easily get admission for PG in USA.



Benefits of Pursuing MBBS course in Russia: 

    • The medical colleges of Russia offer affordable and high-quality medical education.
    • Study MBBS in Russia does not require IELTS or TOEFL.
    • Indian students can get to study the complete course in full English medium.
    • Many scholarship opportunities are provided to the students.
    • Students do not have to pay any donation fees for MBBS in Russia.
    • Russian medical colleges do not ask for any entrance exam.
    • Most of the medical colleges in Russia are public colleges.
    • The students can pay the fees once or twice a year.

Why is NEET Mandatory to Study MBBS in Russia? 

The “National Eligibility cum Entrance Test” or NEET has now become mandatory to Study MBBS in Russia. The students should have passed NEET with qualifying marks to get their NEET Score Card. Most importantly, NEET has become mandatory to ensure the quality of doctors and medical professionals abroad. Many students who lack the caliber required for studying medicine are now getting MBBS degree abroad. Thus, the MCI has made it compulsory to clear NEET to get admission in MBSS. This further ensures that only eligible and worthy students go abroad to study medicine.


English is undoubtedly the language of science. According to a study, 98% of scientific research papers online are published in English. This makes it even better to choose English Medium MBBS Course for MBBS in Russia. Even if you learn the Russian language and then pursue your medical degree, there is no point if you want to go to the USA for further studies or come back to India.

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