Ternopil State Medical University

Ternopil State Medical University

ternopil-state-medical-university Ternopil State Medical University is a highly reputed and leading government medical university located in the city of Ternopil, Ukraine. The University offers high-quality medical education through a six years degree program consisting of two semesters every year. The medical doctor degree offered at TSMU is equivalent to MBBS in India. It is known for its highest level of accreditation and low-cost fees structure all over the world.

Ambitious students from India are flying all the way to Ternopil to study MBBS in Ukraine. This is not only economical to them but also provides high quality educational medical programs that meet international standards. Indian medical colleges are constantly jacking up their fees which is next to impossible for more than half of the population to pay.

Rather than wasting time on applying for several scholarship tests, entrance examinations, government officials’ offices, it is becoming a more sensible and much better choice to study MBBS in Ukraine.


Why Indian Students should study at Ternopil State Medical University?

We recommend Indian students to study at Ternopil State Medical University if they want to pursue their medical studies in Ukraine. These are a few reasons to be more emphatic.

  • Low-Cost Tuition Fees: The fees of this university is very low as compared to private medical colleges of India. This is actually the best reason why you should opt for studying there in addition to getting world-class education.
  • Reasonable Price of Living: The hostel rooms of Ternopil State Medical University are provided at very low cost and are well ventilated and fully equipped. The other expenses such as travel, textbooks, food etc are also provided at low cost. There is a strict check on the hygiene of the hostel and many facilities such as laundry, Wi-Fi, television, gym, free electricity, basic furniture, 24 hours hot and cold running water etc are available for the students.
  • MCI Approved: TSMU is approved by Medical Council of India which makes Indian students eligible for practising medicine after returning to India. After passing the screening test, they can also apply for Government jobs in India and do PG/MD/MS courses.
  • Global Recognition and Accreditation: The University is recognized by some of the leading medical councils of the world such as Ukraine Ministry of Health, FAIMER, ECFMG, World Health Organization (WHO), US Education Department, General Medical Council of England, Medical Council of India (MCI), International Association of Educational Universities (IAEU), Association of Carpathian Region Universities (ACRU) etc.
    • Highly Qualified and Experienced Teaching Staff: The reputed teaching staff at TSMU is not only exceptional and experienced but also educates their students in such a way that they promote research-oriented academic education.
    • Preparation for Important Examinations: The experienced teaching staff of TSMU not only focuses on medical theories related to the degree but also pay high attention on preparing their students to appear in several medical exams like MCI and USMLE Step 1 and 2 successfully.
    • English Medium Mode of Instruction: The University offers its medical degree course in three languages, i.e. Ukrainian, English, and Russian. So, Indian students can easily opt for English and start their studies with full concentration. However, studying in Russian/Ukrainian is slightly cheaper than studying in English in Ukraine…
    • ECTS Grading Scale: The entire academic process of Ternopil State Medical University is based upon European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System which is a very convenient and sensitive grading system for student’s evaluation.
    • Hassle Free Admission Process: The admission process at TSMU is easy and very simplified through an online system which ensures complete transparency.
    • Low Academics Available: Indian students having academics as low as 55% in PCB from a reputed and recognized educational board of India can apply to study medicine at TSMU.
    • Excellent Infrastructure and Facilities: The education provided in TSMU is not just based on books but focuses on enhancing the learning process through a fully air-conditioned and digitalized theatre style classrooms. The University also has a well established and prestigious library having more than 6 lakhs worthy medical literature, sports centre, laboratories, research centres etc.
    • Availability of Indian Food: The University also has an Indian mess for its large number Indian students which offers North as well as South Indian food to the students.
    • No Donation: Once you have paid the university course fees and your living expenses, you don’t need to worry about any extra payment such as donation fees.
    • Safe and Healthy Atmosphere: The University takes care of complete student protection through its safe and healthy environment. It is completely against ragging and student bullying and also compulsories medical insurance of each and every student. The students are constantly monitored through CCTV cameras and security guards for complete safety.Ternopil State Medical University is one of the best medical institutions for Indian students in Ukraine. The fees structure is low and the academic demands are also not very high, thus anyone who wills to study medicine can fulfil their dreams and pursue a reputable career in future.If you are interested in taking admission at Ternopil State Medical University and have any query, feel free to contact us.


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